Ancient History

Actually, I don’t have any ancient ancient history… I only started customizing ponies in 2010. Still seemed like a good title; I’ve come a long way in the past 19 months!

How does it start? With a cupcake. A cupcake sculpted with Crayola air-dry clay (NOT recommended for detailed work) and painted. No repainting the eyes, no rehairing. An experiment, and a gift for a friend. Her name is “Sweet Cupcake,” but I should have called her “testing the waters.”


Next… was a failed attempt at a full-body repaint. I don’t even have pictures. But after THAT was a successful full-body repaint! The paint’s not as smooth as I’d have liked, and the hair was donated by a Value Village Barbie doll, but “Musical Ride” turned out to be my first “real” custom, and a successful one. Her design was based on the RCMP Musical Ride horses, who have maple leaf symbols brushed into their coats in something like this position. Real-life My Little Pony! Except that they’re giant horses… and not mine. If you haven’t seen the Musical Ride (and I haven’t in person), look it up! Pretty amazing.



Bo Peep was fairly simple; I’d like to do another one to see what’s changed in my style and technique in the last year. Hair was again donated by a Barbie doll. I wish it was thicker, but I love the texture. Very sheepish.



…and here’s Serge, my first sculpted pony. I had to take a 3-month break from working on him because it got so frustrating, but he turned out looking pretty good. I hope to get the sculpting smoother next time, but I’m proud of how he turned out.


And this concludes out ancient history lesson. Next time: a few from 2011, or something I’m working on now. We’ll see. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ancient History

  1. wendy says:

    I don’t recall the ‘sheep’ pony….love her, and Serge will always be my favourite.mm1ish you still had him!

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