Hello! Welcome to Unicorns, Wings, and Wonderful Things. This is just a little place for me to blab on about the work I’m doing customizing and restoring My Little Ponies. Does that seem like a strange hobby for a 30-year old mom of two? Maybe it is; there are lots of very talented people in the world doing this in their own ways, but I’m the only one I know in real life. Let’s see if I can explain…


Customization- I strip the paint (eyes and symbols) off of used toy ponies- usually G3 ponies (from approximately 2002-2009), cut their hair off, and make them into something new. This usually involves giving them new eyes, symbols, and nylon hair, but can include sculpting, making feathered wings, or turning them into something completely different. The goal might be to make something beautiful or meaningful, or something strange and wonderful. It can be challenging and frustrating, but it’s lots of fun!

Restoration- this isn’t what I spend most of my time doing, but I enjoy it. Sometimes I’ll find or buy an older pony who’s not in rough enough shape for me to feel good about customizing her. Ponies from the 1980’s are the ones I grew up with, and I’d feel a weird amount of guilt if I didn’t try to preserve them when I can. This usually involves fixing the original hair and touching up symbols if it’s really necessary, but might involve completely new hair. I’ve restored  few plushies, too, cleaning them and fixing some nasty hair, and repainting scratched eyes. I generally find restoration more challenging than creating something new; there’s less room for making mistakes.



This is a bit harder to explain. The “Why ponies?” question is easy: I loved them and collected them when I was a little girl, and they hold warm and happy memories for me. I do collect some of the older ones- they make me happy, and me having a few toys doesn’t hurt anyone. The customizing part is more complex. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, painting, and creating, so this combines two things that make me very happy. And I do need something creative to work on at all times. Whether it’s making greeting cards, sewing sock monsters, writing a novel, or customizing ponies, I need to feel like I’m exercising that part of myself and creating something that will last for a while. Without my “projects,” my life would still be worthwhile: I have a husband and two beautiful little boys to love and take care of. But without the ponies (or whatever), I feel a bit like a domestic Sisyphus; every time I finish cleaning the house, doing the dishes, planning meals, cooking, grocery shopping… it all just needs to be done again. I hope it’s all building to my kids becoming happy, independent adults, but on a day-to-day basis, I need to be able to work on something that I feel like I’m making actual progress on, something that I can finish and have it stay finished.

This is also something I can share with my kids. They’re both boys, but the older one loves ponies (and Barbies- not my favourite thing, but he wants to marry all of them when he grows up), and both kids have painted their own ponies. And sometimes other toys… without permission… we’re working on that.

I sell my ponies for several reasons. The first is because they make people happy. Not everyone is into them, and I understand that. But a lot of people have happy childhood memories of them like I have, and others are totally new to this but find them beautiful, cute, or charming. It’s a huge thrill for me when someone falls in love with something I’ve created, or when they ask me to do something special just for them and they’re thrilled with the result. The other reason is that this isn’t the most expensive hobby in the world, but I still need supplies: bait ponies (the bodies), hair, paint, clay, paintbrushes and other tools… selling ponies allows me to get these things without eating into the family budget. I make next-to-nothing per hour, especially after I buy supplies, but it’s a self-sustaining hobby. Ponies will never make me rich, but they’re worth all of the time I spend on them.



That’s Mrs. Pony-Pants, thank you very much. And this is just a place for me to spread out a bit. I’ll post older creations here, but they’re already on display on facebook and DeviantArt. Out here in the wide open spaces of blogdom, I can post progress pictures, throw around ideas, and get off-topic when the mood strikes me. No one has to read this, but if you find it interesting, please join me! I’ll try to keep things light and interesting. I make no promises about posting every day, but I’m usually working on something, and it will be here.

Oh, and last thing: I just opened an Etsy shop! Right now it’s mostly vintage ponies and toys because my customs have mostly been commissions lately, but you never know what will show up. 🙂


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