Works in Progress: November 9, 2011

Here’s what I’m working on tonight (if I ever finish cleaning up after two very messy little boys!):

Personal project:

Moonshine. I have to keep a personal project or two going even when I’m busy making things for swaps, trades, or the few commissions I get. There’s almost no pressure, and it helps me remember why I do this: because it’s FUN.


Jessie the Cowgirl. I had to throw away the first attempt at this one after the paint cracked. Full-body repaint ruined. I almost cried. But she’s coming along, and she’ll be really cute if this works out. I still don’t think I can do her hat, though. Oh, but I found perfect yarn for her hair, so yippee for that

Princess Isabelle. Needs a necklace (as if she’s not already sparkly enough) and maybe one more coat of sealant, just to be safe.

Mouse and Dog who may or may not be named Mickey and Pluto. Yes, I’m afraid of Disney. 🙂 Coming along nicely, but mouse-side symbol got smudged and needs touch-ups before I can start doing details. Needs eyes and hair, too.

Rudolph. Bait is getting saucy with me and not giving up its hair. GIVE IT UP, ALREADY!

Pink Garden Pony. Mysterious yellow stains have faded as much as they’re going to (seriously, WHY?! She’s one of the best I’ve ever done, and then the plastic starts to turn YELLOW).

Groovy Garden. Changing symbols might not work- apparently turquoise paint leaves yellow stains. I’ll probably re-paint them and put her back up for sale, and make a new one for the person who bought her. Confused? At least I can kind of remember what I’m doing.

Lady Gaga. Two in planning stages, need to get cracking!

For sale:

Rapunzel. symbols roughed in with white paint and pencil. Hair is ready for when symbols and eyes are done. It’s gonna be looooong!

OK, so I seriously have more work to do than I realized. Off I go- wish me luck!


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