Part 1 here

Part 2 here

She’s done! I’m glad she turned out so nicely, because there’s a commission that’s driving me insane right now, and I needed this small victory to keep my confidence and my spirits up.

Here’s the rest of the work that went into her:

She needed new hair. I useDollyhair’s reroot tool, and it’s brilliant. Much easier than the wire and pliers method I’ll be using when I get to my Rapunzel pony- I’ll take pics if I can. I also use hair from Dollyhair; it’s nylon, the same as original My Little Pony hair. In this case, I used Roasted Almond and Buttercreme- yum!


Then she needed a tail, which is far easier than the mane! We just loop the hair over a wire (I use the plastic-coated ones that hold toys into packaging, since every truck my son gets as a million of them) and pull it through from the outside- softening the plastic with heat first helps a lot. I use plastic zip ties to hold the tail in place. See? Easy!


Then we pull the tail back through as far as it will come, and that’s done.

The hair-do leaves something to be desired, though- it still needs washing (to get oils, etc. out), conditioning (to soften and make it easier to comb), and styling. I’m going to give her a simple braid.


…and she’s done!


But something was still missing… and then someone reminded me. BLUSH! I used real blush, applied with a damp brush, and then brushed off the excess.


So there you have it, a G4 pony start to finish. It’s a lot of work (especially more complex ones that have larger symbols, sculpting, or full-body repaints!), but it’s fun. I hope you had fun seeing this. Like I said in the bait prep post, not everyone uses the same techniques as I do, but they’re what works for me so far.

Moonshine will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop as soon as I can get some better pictures of her. 🙂



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