G4 Barnacle

Not many progress pics for this guy; he caused me too many problems along the way for me to bother. The FBR went well; I love using blue colours, because they ways seem to come out nice and smooth, and they cover well in just a few coats.

Painting the symbols was fun; rehairing was a bit tedious (never my favourite part), but uneventful. It was when I washed the hair that we ran into problems; I’d sealed the paint and let it dry (twice), but it all softened in the water and big patches slid right off of the plastic, leaving Pinkie Pie pink showing through on both ears. NOT fun. I got it fixed up, but the finish still isn’t perfect. Good thing he was just practice for doing G4 boy faces!

I was so lucky to get a G1 Barnacle in my stocking this Christmas, so little Barny got pictures taken with his big brother (who has since had a lovely hair makeover to get rid of that floofiness).

Face sculpted with Apoxie sculpt (I’ll sculpt the mouth and nostrils next time; like I said, this was practice). Painted with (cheap) artist’s acrylics, sealed with mod podge. Hair is Dollyhair’s Firebird and Lemon Drop.





And yes, little Barny’s hair is looking just as floofy as big Barnacle’s is; all that paint drama didn’t leave time for styling, and I’ve been nervous about fixing it. It’s slowly getting there, though.


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