Garden Delights

Okee Dokee, what shall we do today? How about… garden ponies! That sound good? Even if it doesn’t, it’s what I’m serving… like I tell my kids at supper time, this isn’t a restaurant, you get what you get. And then they ask for cheeses sandwiches anyway. But that’s not the point.

I love these guys, but I do worry that people will get sick of them. To me, each one is an individual, but I can see how they’d all look the same to someone who didn’t know them as well as I do. Some of these WIPs will end up in my Etsy shop; others are for my personal collection (which means I’ll take extremely generous offers on them, but otherwise they stay with me), others are commissions.

These guys are all based on the Awesomest Mug in the World, which I found at the SPCA thrift store. I’m almost done making ponies based on these designs, unless someone requests one as a commission. And OK, there’s ONE more design I want to try in this style, but not from this mug. 🙂

The mug with Trippy Tulips, the first “garden pony”

Isn’t it fun?! Each pony has different flowers and/or animals:

Groovy Garden (currently awaiting repairs- don’t ask- then to be for sale):
See what I mean? Same colours, even the same pose, but different.

For a trade:

Garden Daze (sold)

Teodora (commission)

Dayzee (sold- hasn’t had her photo shoot yet!)

Tangerine Dream (personal collection- blue “sister” in progress. This was before she got her hair done)

And one that I’m making to sell… if I can let her go. I love this pose! Hmm… that bee needs legs!

So there we go. There’s one more G3 WIP for a commission (with a ton of dragonflies!), and I have a set of 3 in different colours to do for someone else… and that might be it. Unless I decide to do a few with umbrellas. 🙂

Prices for these girls start at $30 for a G3 adult- they take much longer than simpler ponies. G4 adults are also $30; another G4 baby like Dayzee would have to be at least $40, because that body is both expensive and nearly impossible for me to get. G1 adults start at $35, but availability depends a lot on whether I can find a bait that’s nice enough to use but bad enough to bait. Fortunately, this style can cover a lot of flaws!


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